M-Power Inverter 10kva / 180v IGBT Base

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  1. Impressive Power Output:
    • 10kVA Capacity
    • 180V IGBT Base
  2. Advanced Technology:
    • IGBT Technology
    • Smart Inverter Control
  3. Efficient Design:
    • Space-Saving Design
    • Robust Construction
  4. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Intuitive LCD Display
    • Easy Navigation
  5. Seamless Connectivity:
    • Mobile Connectivity
    • Email Alerts
  6. Ordering Information:
    • Location: Suite GF4, Busymart Plaza, 44 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja, F.C.T.
    • Contact: + (234) 805 346 0893,
    • Delivery: Within 24 hours across Nigeria.

Introducing the M-Power Inverter 10kVA / 180V IGBT Base: Unleashing Unparalleled Power Efficiency

Overview: Welcome to Zeus Electrical Limited, your trusted source for cutting-edge power solutions. Presenting the M-Power Inverter 10kVA / 180V IGBT Base—an advanced inverter designed to redefine power efficiency and reliability. Harness the power of innovation and bring uninterrupted electricity to your space with this state-of-the-art inverter.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Power Output:
    • 10kVA Capacity: Experience a robust power supply suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
    • 180V IGBT Base: The inverter employs IGBT technology, ensuring optimal power delivery and efficiency.
  2. Advanced Technology:
    • IGBT Technology: The use of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology guarantees superior performance, low energy loss, and extended lifespan.
    • Smart Inverter Control: Enjoy precise control over your power consumption with the intelligent inverter control system.

Efficient Design:

  1. Compact and Sturdy Build:
    • Space-Saving Design: The M-Power inverter boasts a compact design, allowing for easy installation in various spaces.
    • Robust Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the inverter ensures long-lasting performance even in challenging conditions.
  2. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Intuitive LCD Display: Monitor your power usage effortlessly with the user-friendly LCD display, providing real-time information on input, output, and battery status.
    • Easy Navigation: Simplified controls make it easy for users of all levels to operate and customize settings.

Seamless Connectivity:

  1. Remote Monitoring and Control:
    • Mobile Connectivity: Stay in control wherever you are with the ability to monitor and control the inverter remotely via a mobile app.
    • Email Alerts: Receive instant alerts on critical events or potential issues, ensuring proactive maintenance and peace of mind.

Ordering Information:

  1. Swift Delivery Across Nigeria:
    • Zeus Electrical Limited Location: Visit our office at Suite GF4, Busymart Plaza, 44 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja, F.C.T.
    • Contact Information: Reach out to us at + (234) 805 346 0893 or via email at for any inquiries or assistance.
    • Prompt Delivery: Benefit from our commitment to customer satisfaction, with product delivery available within 24 hours to any location in Nigeria.


Elevate your power solutions with the M-Power Inverter 10kVA / 180V IGBT Base from Zeus Electrical Limited. Embrace efficiency, reliability, and innovation—all packaged into a sleek and powerful inverter designed to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed customers. Don’t settle for less; choose M-Power for uninterrupted, high-quality power supply.


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