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Felicity Solar Streetlight 40w P2


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Felicity Solar Streetlight 40W P2: Feature

  • Integrated Design: All-in-one system for easy operation
  • High-Performance Battery: LiFePO4 lithium battery for long life and eco-friendliness
  • Enhanced Solar Power: High-efficiency solar cell for maximized charging
  • Advanced Charging Technology: MPPT controller for optimized charging efficiency
  • Simple Installation: Modular design for quick and easy setup
  • Automatic Operation: Light automatically turns on and off
  • Sustainable Lighting: Powered by clean solar energy

 The Powerful Felicity Solar Street Light 40W P2 by Zeus Electrical

Elevate your outdoor lighting with the innovative Felicity Solar Street Light 40W P2, distributed by Zeus Electrical Limited. This eco-friendly powerhouse delivers exceptional brightness and functionality, making it the perfect choice for illuminating walkways, parks, parking lots, and more.

Unbeatable Efficiency:

  • Integrated Design: Enjoy a streamlined all-in-one system that combines solar panel, LED light source, battery, and controller for seamless operation.
  • High-Performance Battery: The integrated LiFePO4 lithium battery boasts high energy density, extended lifespan, and eco-friendly materials.
  • Enhanced Solar Power: Equipped with a high-efficiency solar cell (over 22% conversion rate), this light maximizes sunlight absorption for powerful charging.
  • Advanced Charging Technology: The MPPT controller optimizes charging efficiency by 15-30%, ensuring the battery receives maximum power from the sun.

Effortless Use and Sustainability:

  • Simple Installation: Forget complex wiring and trenching. The modular design allows for quick and easy installation on any standard light pole.
  • Automatic Operation: The light automatically switches on and off, eliminating manual operation.
  • Sustainable Lighting: Harness the clean energy of the sun to illuminate your outdoor spaces without contributing to greenhouse gasses.

Zeus Electrical Limited: Your Trusted Partner in Solar Lighting

Experience the brilliance of solar power with the Felicity Solar Street Light 40W P2. Contact Zeus Electrical Limited today at or call + (234) 805 346 0893. Invest in a sustainable future and illuminate your nights with exceptional brightness.


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